Espresso Brew Guide

Espresso Brew Guide


General approach on how to to brew our coffees as espresso! 

Ratio: 1:2.5+ 

Time: 25-30 Seconds (15-20s if on high extraction burrs, 35-45 on slower burrs such as Niche Zero or conicals)

Temperature: 86-88C on Decent, 92C on E61/Traditional Machines. 

Profile: Slow preinfusion at low pressure, ramp up to 5/6 bars when 2-3grams in cup, then ramp down.

Focus on pulling a shot that emphasizes sweetness and controls acidity! This can generally be done by filling the puck at a slower flowrate (2-4ml/s) and maintaining a slower ramp up and exit flowrate after fill. By maintaining a lower pressure of around 6 bars and tapering off the pressure, the acidity will be much more balanced and integrated into the shot, emphasizing sweetness. 


I showcase two approaches to this and general approach in this video: 

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