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[ULTRA RARE] Taiwan SL34 Meishan, Ruili, Ching-Yeh Estate [MOJO Profile]

[ULTRA RARE] Taiwan SL34 Meishan, Ruili, Ching-Yeh Estate [MOJO Profile]

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Introducing the first release from our ultra-rare series of Taiwan coffees! This is an SL34 Honey process that is fruit-forward and VERY sweet. Read below for more coffee details. Bags come in a 4 oz size.

Taiwan coffee is exponentially improving every year and we are very happy to have picked this coffee up for this release. The yields are incredibly low from Taiwan making green coffee very rare. This SL34 is roasted under MOJO Coffee's profile and has a very delicate berry acidity with a long linger of caramel sweetness. If you have never tasted Taiwan coffee before this will be a great introduction to how good coffees from the Alishan region are getting! 

Flavor Notes: Strawberry, Raspberry, Caramel, Structured Tropical Acidity

Coffee Details:

  • Process: Honey
  • Region: Ruili, Meishan, Taiwan
  • Producer: Alishan, Ruili, Ching Ye Coffee Estate
  • Elevation: 1000 MASL
  • Roast Level: Light

      Additional Flavor Characteristics: 

      Aromatics: Dried Strawberries, White Flower, Lychee 
      Flavor: Strawberry, Raspberry, Star Fruit Acidity, Honey Sweetness. Acidity is quite structured and has a delicate finish.
      Aftertaste: Long linger of Caramel sweetness, slight florality in the finish. 
      Body: Pillowy and juicy body

      Coffees are roasted in San Jose, California, and this release comes in a 4oz bag.

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